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Welcome to the exhilarating world of last-minute sports car hire in the UK, where the thrill of driving a sleek, powerful machine is just a booking away. As the UK's leading provider of transport hire with a driver, Last Minute Travel is here to guide you through the process of indulging in your high-octane dreams with speed and style.

Why Choose Last-Minute Sports Car Hire?

There's something inherently thrilling about making spontaneous decisions, especially when it comes to experiencing the luxury and power of sports cars. Last-minute hires offer you the flexibility to seize the moment whenever the mood strikes, without the need for long-term commitments or planning.

Benefits of Last-Minute Hiring

The primary advantage is the absence of waiting periods. You can book a sports car on the fly and be behind the wheel almost instantly. Additionally, last-minute deals can sometimes come with unexpected discounts, making that dream drive more affordable than anticipated.

Our Fleet at Your Service

At Last Minute Travel, our fleet is a car enthusiast's dream. From the sleek lines of a Ferrari to the robust elegance of a Bentley, we offer a vast range of transport hire options. Our collection of sports cars is second to none, featuring prestigious brands like Rolls Royce, Mercedes, and Jaguar, alongside adrenaline-pumping models such as the Mercedes G Wagon and the iconic S Class.

The Limousine Experience

For those looking to blend performance with luxury, our selection of stretch limousines, including the Hummer, Chrysler, and American Lincoln Town Car limousines, provides the perfect solution. These vehicles offer space, comfort, and a statement arrival for any event or getaway.

How to Book Your Last-Minute Sports Car

Hiring a sports car with us couldn't be simpler. Our streamlined booking process ensures that you can arrange your transport with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. Here's how:

  1. Contact our team or visit our website to check the availability of your chosen vehicle.

  2. Select the hire package that suits your needs, be it for a few hours or an entire weekend.

  3. Provide your details and secure your booking with a payment.

  4. Get ready to rev up the engine and enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it really possible to hire a sports car at the last minute?

    Yes, our extensive fleet and dedicated team make it possible to secure a sports car hire with minimal notice, subject to availability.

  • What are the requirements to hire a sports car?

    You must hold a full driving license, meet our age criteria, and provide a security deposit. Specific requirements may vary based on the vehicle selected.

  • Can I hire a car for just a few hours?

    Absolutely, we offer flexible hire durations to cater to your specific needs, from a few hours to a full weekend.

Example Pricing Table

Last-Minute Sports Car Hire Estimated Pricing
Vehicle Type Hourly Rate Daily Rate
Mercedes S Class £150 £900
Ferrari California £250 £1500
Bentley Continental GT £200 £1200

At Last Minute Travel, we're committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience. Whether it's the thrill of driving a high-performance sports car or the elegance of arriving in a luxurious limousine, we're here to make it happen swiftly and seamlessly. So why wait? Rev up your spontaneity and contact us today to book your dream drive!

For more information, visit our website at LastMinuteTravel.co.uk, or get in touch with us directly for a personalized service that will exceed your expectations.

Drive the dream, last minute, with Last Minute Travel – where your adventure awaits at the turn of a key.

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