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Greetings, fellow driving enthusiasts and wanderlust chasers! Today, I'm thrilled to share with you a collection of top scenic UK drives perfect for your next sports car adventure. As the voice of Last Minute Travel, I've had the privilege of witnessing some of the most breathtaking landscapes the UK has to offer, all while indulging in the luxury and thrill of our diverse fleet.

Coastal Cruises

Imagine the salty sea breeze tousling your hair as you navigate the twists and turns of Cornwall's Atlantic Highway. With each mile, the majestic coastline reveals hidden coves and sweeping beaches, a view that's simply unmatched.

North Coast 500

Venture further north and embark on Scotland's answer to Route 66, the North Coast 500. This route is a 516-mile loop around the Highlands, starting and ending at Inverness Castle, promising an epic journey through moors, lochs, and ruins that tell tales as old as time.

Countryside Escapes

The Cotswolds are a tapestry of greenery, punctuated with limestone villages that seem to whisper stories of yesteryear. Here, the A-roads are your gateway to an idyllic English countryside that looks like it's been lifted from a storybook.

The Lake District

Further up the road, the Lake District National Park awaits with serene lakes and rugged peaks. The Hardknott Pass is not for the faint-hearted but offers rewards in the form of stunning vistas and a sense of accomplishment few roads can provide.

Historic Routes

Take a drive down history lane on one of the oldest roads in the UK, the Fosse Way. Linking Exeter to Lincoln, this Roman road is a journey through quaint towns and lush landscapes, all while tracing the steps of ancient travelers.

Royal Deeside

In Scotland, the Royal Deeside stretches towards the Cairngorms, offering a route beloved by the Royal Family. Imagine cruising through Balmoral's scenic grounds, where royalty escapes the bustle of the city.

Mountain Passes

The dramatic peaks of Snowdonia in Wales provide a thrilling backdrop for any drive. The A498 towards Beddgelert or the A4068 through the Black Mountain Pass in the Brecon Beacons are roads that will challenge your driving skills and reward you with exhilarating landscapes.

Peak District

The Peak District National Park offers a contrasting beauty with its rolling hills and stark moorlands. The Cat and Fiddle Road, despite its whimsical name, is a serious stretch of asphalt that promises an engaging drive and panoramic views.

Tips for Your Adventure

Choosing the right vehicle is paramount for your journey. Whether it's an elegant Bentley or a robust G Wagon, at Last Minute Travel, we have the perfect sports car to match your adventure. Our Mercedes V Class is ideal for those who require a bit more space without sacrificing style.

Safety First

  • Ensure your chosen vehicle is well-maintained and equipped for the drive.
  • Check weather conditions before setting out, especially if you're tackling mountainous terrain.
  • Keep to speed limits and be respectful of local wildlife and livestock.


Embarking on a scenic UK drive in a sports car is an exhilarating experience that blends the joy of driving with the awe of nature's masterpieces. At Last Minute Travel, we take pride in making these moments possible for you, even if it's not a last-minute decision. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, and we're here to ensure it's a luxurious and memorable one.

Ready to feel the thrill of the open road and the comfort of luxury? Browse our fleet and let's plan your next UK driving adventure together! Remember, this is just a snippet of the grand tapestry that the UK's roads have to offer. For every known path, there's a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, and we at Last Minute Travel are your trusted companions on this journey. So buckle up, start the engine, and let's begin an adventure that you will recount for years to come!

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