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Revolutionise Your UK Soirees with Last-Minute Party Bus Hire

Greetings, intrepid party planners! I'm your confidante from Last Minute Travel, where we transform your celebratory visions into vibrant realities. Imagine this: a sleek party bus rolls up, your guests' eyes widen with delight, and the evening kicks off with a ritzy flair that only a mobile party haven can provide. Let me guide you through the ultimate party experience on wheels.

The Allure of Party Buses

Our fleet, a cavalcade of luxurious escapades, is not just a means to get from A to B; it's where the party's heartbeat thrives. Why settle for the mundane when you can revel in a setting that's as dynamic as your guest list?

Why Choose Last Minute Travel for Your Party Bus Hire?

Our name might hint at spontaneity, but our reputation is built on meticulous attention to detail. From the gleam of a Rolls Royce to the plush interiors of a Mercedes V-Class, we ensure your journey is nothing short of magnificent.

  • Vast selection of vehicles including stretch limousines and novelty party buses.
  • Experienced chauffeurs who double as your evening's discreet caretakers.
  • Customised itineraries tailored to your whims.

Perfect for All Occasions

Whether it's a wedding, prom night, or a surprise birthday bash, we've got the wheels to complement your theme. Our party buses are not just transport; they're the prelude to lifelong memories.


On your special day, glide to the venue with your entourage in tow, sipping champagne and basking in the joyous ambiance of our party buses, designed to add a sparkle to your nuptial celebrations.

Corporate Events with a Twist

Impress clients and treat teams with an unconventional transport experience that breaks the ice and induces smiles before the first handshake.

Tailor-Made Experiences

We believe in crafting bespoke journeys. Share your dream soiree with us, and watch as we concoct an experience that mirrors your imagination.

Effortless Booking Process

Securing your party bus is a breeze with our user-friendly system. A few clicks, and you're set to embark on an escapade that others will echo for years.

Unwavering Commitment to Safety and Comfort

Your safety is our priority. Rest assured, our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring peace of mind as you indulge in the revelry.

Get in Touch

Ready to elevate your soiree? Book your party bus or reach out for a bespoke consultation. Your unforgettable journey with Last Minute Travel awaits. Cheers to the soirees that shimmer and the nights that twinkle!

Snapshot of Our Diverse Fleet
Vehicle Type Capacity Special Features
Stretch Limousines Up to 8 Luxury seating, entertainment systems
Party Buses 10-25 Disco lighting, dance poles, bars
Mercedes V-Class Up to 7 Spacious interiors, conference seating

What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it. Our clients' joyous accolades speak volumes about the Last Minute Travel experience.

  • "The party bus was the highlight of our corporate retreat. Unforgettable!"
  • "Our wedding day was perfect, thanks to the impeccable service and luxurious ride."
  • "Last Minute Travel made planning my last-minute birthday bash a total breeze!"

Remember, your next soiree is only as grand as your entrance. With Last Minute Travel, you're not just hiring a ride; you're scripting the opening act to an evening etched in splendour. Let's set the wheels in motion, shall we?

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