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Perks of Sports Car Hire

Welcome to Last Minute Travel, where luxury meets the road. As the UK's premier transport hire provider, we take pride in our diverse fleet that caters to every wish and whim. Imagine the thrill of gliding through the streets of London in a sleek sports car, the engine's purr syncopating with the city's heartbeat. It's not just about getting from A to B; it's the journey that counts.

Effortless Booking

Our intuitive booking system means securing your dream ride is just a few clicks away. Whether it's a planned event or a spontaneous adventure, we are geared up to provide you with a ride that defines sophistication and excitement.

An Elite Collection

Our fleet boasts an array of prestigious marques. From the elegance of a Rolls Royce to the adrenaline-inducing Lamborghini, versatility is our forte. When you choose us, you're not just renting a car; you're curating an experience.

Chauffeur Service Excellence

Each of our vehicles is complemented by professional chauffeur service. Our drivers are the epitome of professionalism, ensuring your journey is as smooth as the vehicles we offer.

Bespoke Experiences

With Last Minute Travel, tailor your transport to your needs. Heading to a wedding or a high-profile event? Perhaps a night out in style? We have the perfect set of wheels for every occasion.

Business Travel

For our corporate clients, punctuality and presentation matter. Arrive at your meetings in a vehicle that reflects your professionalism and commitment to excellence.

Unique Offerings

Our services extend beyond conventional car hire. Explore our unique range of vehicles, from novelty vehicles to the latest in luxury transport.

Novelty Vehicles

Inject fun into your travels with our novelty vehicles. These head-turners guarantee a memorable experience for you and your entourage.

Night Out in Style

Turn heads as you hit the town in one of our glamorous limos or party buses. With state-of-the-art amenities, your night out is set to be epic.

Wedding Car Service

Our wedding car service is all about elegance and making your special day unforgettable. Choose a classic Bentley or a charming vintage model to add that touch of grandeur to your nuptials.

Booking Tips

  • Plan ahead to secure your desired model.
  • Discuss your itinerary with our team for a seamless experience.
  • Explore our packages for additional perks and savings.


Is last-minute booking available?

Yes, we cater to last-minute requests with the same dedication to quality and service. However, availability may vary, so we recommend booking as early as possible.

Can I hire a sports car without a chauffeur?

Our fleet is primarily chauffeur-driven to ensure you receive the highest level of service. Please contact us for specific requests.

Do you accommodate special requests?

Absolutely. Our team is adept at personalising your experience. Whether it's a surprise engagement or a themed party, we're on hand to make it happen.

Thank you for considering Last Minute Travel for your luxury transport needs in London. We're committed to making your journey with us as extraordinary as the vehicles we offer. For more information, explore our site or contact us directly.

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Ready to book your elite ride or have more questions? Visit our website, LastMinuteTravel.co.uk, or reach out to our dedicated customer service team. Let's make your travel aspirations a reality.

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