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Welcome to Your Fairytale Wedding Journey

As the trusted charioteer for your special day, allow us at Last Minute Travel to whisk you away on a magical ride, ensuring that your wedding is as enchanting and memorable as you've always dreamed. We understand that a horse and carriage hire is not just a mode of transport; it's a statement of romance, elegance, and timeless grace.

Choosing the Right Carriage for Your Wedding

The carriage sets the tone for your grand entrance and exit. With a diverse fleet at your service, from Cinderella-style carriages to more traditional Victorian designs, we help you select the perfect match for your theme and attire.

Cinderella Carriage: A Touch of Fantasy

Immerse in the whimsy of a fairytale with our exquisite Cinderella carriage, complete with ornate details and a regal stance that promises to turn heads.

Victorian Carriage: Classic Elegance

For those yearning for a classical backdrop, our Victorian carriages provide a dignified air of tradition and sophistication that complements any historical or vintage-themed wedding.

Pairing with the Perfect Steeds

Our horses are more than just animals; they are the noble companions that will lead you to your new beginning. We take pride in our well-groomed, well-trained horses, ensuring they mirror the elegance of your event.

  • White Horses: Symbolizing Purity and Grandeur

  • White horses, with their majestic gait and stunning presence, offer a picturesque complement to your carriage, especially popular for traditional and royal-themed weddings.

  • Black Horses: Majestic and Powerful

  • Black horses stand as a testament to strength and are often favoured for their striking contrast against a white carriage, creating a bold visual statement.

Logistical Considerations for a Smooth Ride

We meticulously plan every detail, from travel routes to timings, ensuring that your carriage experience is seamless and stress-free. Our professional drivers and horse handlers are experts in navigating the streets of the UK, making your journey as smooth as the romance in the air.

Key Planning Tips for Horse and Carriage Hire
Tip Details
Booking in Advance Secure your preferred carriage and horses by booking well ahead of your wedding date.
Weather Contingency Discuss weather backup plans, including carriage covers, to safeguard against the unpredictable UK weather.
Route Scouting Our team will scout and plan the best route, considering road conditions and any possible disruptions on your big day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I hire a horse and carriage for my wedding?

Typically, a horse and carriage can be hired for the duration needed to travel from the pick-up location to the ceremony and then to the reception. We can accommodate special requests for extended hire periods as well.

Which areas do you serve for wedding horse and carriage hire?

While based in the UK, we cater to various locations. Please get in touch to confirm if our services are available in your specific area.

Can I customize the decoration of the carriage?

Absolutely, we encourage you to add personal touches that resonate with your wedding theme. Our team is on hand to assist with decoration, ensuring it enhances the beauty of the carriage and horses.

How do you ensure the welfare of the horses?

The well-being of our horses is paramount. They are meticulously cared for by professionals, provided with the highest quality diet, and regularly vet-checked to ensure they are happy and healthy.

In your quest for the ultimate fairytale wedding, Last Minute Travel is your trusted partner, offering an unparalleled selection of horse-drawn carriages and luxury transport options. Together, let's create a journey that is as timeless as your love story. Contact us to begin crafting your perfect wedding day transport experience.

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